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Sally Malone

About Me

Sally Malone Design is a sole practitioner design office focused on working with clients to achieve well-managed projects and innovative design solutions.  The scale of the practice allows flexibility, partnering opportunities with other design specialists and guaranteed ongoing access to the principal designer.  The practice has gained a reputation for efficient, reliable and timely management, which regularly results in clients returning to commission additional work.  Over half of the design office's projects at any one time are for return clients.

Sally has worked in local government and the private sector - in a number of roles ranging from managing large scale public place construction projects for the City of Perth, to implementing designs for small civic gardens.  Her work has been equally divided between urban centres and country and remote rural areas.

Sally has a deep understanding of the potentials that well-designed public spaces bring to community liveability, economic resilience and environmental amenity. She was awarded a Churchill Fellowship to research the benefits that the creative economy can generate for towns, and continues to explore ways to 'value-add' to design concepts she creates for clients.

Please contact Sally if you would like to know more about the projects listed in this web, or to discuss how Sally can assist with your projects.


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Mob: 0439 011 255

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